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4 Non-Monetary Staff Benefits Your Employees Will Love

Updated: May 16, 2023

4 Non-Monetary Staff Benefits Your Employees Will Love

Motivated, incentivised, and happy employees are more productive and foster a workplace culture of excellence. Not only will output increase, enthusiastic employees have higher levels of creativity and problem-solving skills which are increasingly valued in modern, competitive business environments.

One way to motivate and incentivise employees may be to take advantage of non-monetary benefits. Corporate welfare and other similar non-monetary benefits may often be overlooked in the outsized role they play in boosting employee morale. Here are 4 examples of such non-monetary benefits which will be well-loved by employees and are sure to make a lasting impression on everyone in the office.

Employee working from home-Cafeteria Management

1) Flexible Working Arrangements

The pandemic proved that flexible working arrangements can succeed in a business setting. While there may be drawbacks to full remote working, having the option for flexible working arrangements can allow for greater work-life balance for employees. It also puts more control of scheduling in their hands, and employees will enjoy being able to adjust their working hours to fit their personal needs.

Business people having lunch-Canteen Catering Services

2) Corporate Catering Services

Even in Singapore where hawker food can be found relatively cheaply, many employees will still greatly appreciate canteen catering services provided by the company. Not only does this help them save on expenses, ensuring that they have access to free nutritious meals everyday can significantly lower stress levels and give them more opportunities to socialise with their colleagues to forge closer bonds.

When done right, corporate food services are a great draw to attract new talent to your business or ensure you retain high-performers.

3) Employee Awards

Small gestures go a long way when it comes to showing your employees that you appreciate their hard work and dedication. Without recognition of their efforts, employees might not feel rewarded or incentivised to go above and beyond. This can lead to them only performing to the bare minimum standards.

Awards given to employees who have demonstrated exceptional performance or made significant contributions to the company are a way of celebrating achievements while motivating others to strive for the same.

4) Opportunities For Further Development

Not all employees are solely motivated by monetary rewards. Many are serious about career advancement and improving their skills. Investing in your employees' personal and professional development can help to keep them engaged, motivated, and continually growing within their roles. Employees that find their career or growth prospects stunted at a certain organisation are more likely to leave and less driven to perform to the best of their individual abilities.

Whether you are allowing for hybrid working or providing food services, investing in your workforce has both short and long term implications for a business. It has a direct effect on increasing productivity and job satisfaction, while in the long term your organisation acquires an enhanced reputation for treating its employees well. Such a positive work culture pays dividends in your ability to attract and retain the cream of the crop.

Providing food solutions for a number of different industries since 2000, Pro*3 Institutional Catering understands how good cafeteria management can transform an organisation and empower it to reach new heights. Contact us today to learn more about our services and get in touch to clarify any questions you may have.


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