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Institutional Catering Services

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Pro*3 Catering, which began its operations in 2000, is now a trusted and reputable food service consultancy with a plethora of institutional catering experience. Companies and organisations in need of institutional catering service can access a set of suitable meal plans and a kitchen/pantry spatial strategy from our solutions.


A leading food service consultancy in Singapore, Pro*3 Catering serves the business, cultural, and educational industries for institutional catering. We are committed to creating successful food service and cafeteria operations. As a food service consultant, we professionally direct your business’ pantry to a selection of equipment from several manufacturers, allowing for the addition of only the most useful and effective equipment. The owner will be spared money and hassle because our institutional catering specialists are trained to identify and address inadequacies and future problems.

We provide evaluations to see whether your current food service and retail initiatives are being managed effectively. We also provide suggestions for the kind of institutional catering that would best meet the requirements of your company or organisation. We do not just recommend healthy and budget-friendly meal plans, we also make your pantry more efficient and workers-friendly. Should you need a competitive analysis of your current pantry operations or in need of experts who can establish a reliable institutional catering for your team, Pro*3 Catering is here to help you.


How Our Institutional Catering Consultancy Services Work

We aspire to be an end-to-end service provider for you and your employees. We can provide a variety of services, from the management of staff cafeteria to food and beverage procurement, general maintenance, pest control, cleanliness of the canteen, and etc. We even have a dedicated marketing team to organise special events for your employees. As part of our Mission, we serve our partners with a WOW and with our Heart.

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How Our Institutional Catering Consultancy Services Work

Since 2000, Pro*3 Catering has provided institutional catering services to a range of clientele. We have delivered outstanding services for hospitals, business groups, academic institutions, governmental agencies, and more. With a stronger and more knowledgeable team than ever, we are now ready to serve more workplaces where institutional catering is needed.


You require dependable institutional catering services to deliver value in the form of top-notch meals and staff canteen management for your workplace. Our knowledgeable staff can assist with that by offering expertly prepared food options that are quickly delivered or served.

Every business has unique needs, and we are dedicated to learning about yours in order to meet them. As a provider of institutional catering services, it has been our duty for the last few decades to serve staff members who are present at formal gatherings, workshops, conferences, and regular workplace activities. Be the next company to benefit from our dedicated and proven effective services today.

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