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Every menu we design has quality as a cornerstone, and we always keep your company's budget in mind. Our industrial catering services are here to help you create a satisfying culinary experience each and every time, whether it is everyday meals at your facilities or special occasions. This results in a workplace that is better, healthier, and more productive. 

Get our industrial catering services today to help you have the best and most hassle-free staff cafeteria for your company or organisation.

Industrial catering services

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Who We Are

Industrial catering services refer to the type of catering that is delivered to a much larger scale of people, typically, those who are working under one organisation of a corporate company. Pro*3 Catering has a reputation for offering some of the greatest meal services available, including running big and medium-sized cafeterias as well as providing industrial catering services. Our people are frequently trained in food preparation and cleanliness requirements, and meals are meticulously planned and prepared while taking into account cultural and religious diversity and nutritional considerations. 


Over our years of providing industrial catering services, Pro*3 Catering has expanded quickly, a testament to our experience and capacity in the demanding industry. We can treble the number of dishes currently offered while still offering a diverse range of services to our distinguished clientele. Our catering experts will collaborate with you to develop a menu that will satisfy each employee's appetite while also pleasing their taste preferences.

Delivering End-to-End Industrial Catering Services

We aspire to be an end-to-end service provider for you and your employees. We can provide a variety of services, from the management of staff cafeteria to food and beverage procurement, general maintenance, pest control, cleanliness of the canteen, and etc. We even have a dedicated marketing team to organise special events for your employees. As part of our Mission, we serve our partners with a WOW and with our Heart.

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Staff Cafeteria Management and Dining Hall Services
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We Address All Concern

Pro*3 Catering has been offering industrial catering services for various clients since 2000. We have provided exceptional services for hospitals, corporate teams, schools, government offices and more. 


You need industrial catering services that you can depend on to complete the task correctly and provide value in terms of providing excellent meals for your team.


That's where our skilled staff can help, providing perfectly crafted meal selections that are promptly delivered or served. Every business has specific demands, and we are committed to getting to know yours and making sure they are addressed. 


For the past decades, our responsibility as an industrial catering services provider has been to provide meals for personnel attending special occasions, training sessions, meetings, and routine workday activities. People anticipate that eating a meal will make them feel at ease and relaxed. This is what we can provide for your team with our stellar track record for on-time delivery, excellent cuisine, and organisational efficiency.

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