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Our Reliable End-to-End Service

When you are running a corporate office or a production firm, there are lots of tasks that you need to oversee and one of which is food management. Whether you are supplying your team’s lunches or you are looking for a catering service for your company events, having a service provider that offers good food and efficient management service is essential. Pro*3 Catering offers a reliable end-to-end service for all sorts of cafeteria management in Singapore. With our wide experience in delivering various services for corporate teams, we can guarantee satisfaction to our clients

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End-to-End Service Provider

Pantry Management Services

We want to minimise the CEO’s trouble by taking charge of the nutrition and food supply for the whole corporate team. Our pantry management services can help lessen the tasks that you need to accomplish for your team. For one, you will not need to worry about budgeting your employees’ meal fund. Furthermore, you will have the peace of mind knowing that the food being served to your team is safe, healthy and delicious. Lastly, the pantry’s day to day schedule will be kept on check even without your supervision!


Catering Services

From our humble beginnings, Pro*3 Catering has always been known for our exceptional food catering services for corporate events such as annual dinner parties, corporate meetings, team building activities and more. We pride ourselves with the best line of food to offer for your events that is backed by efficient serving, hygienic operation and cost-effective solutions. We can even market your corporate events when you book our service for your catering needs.


Institutional Catering Services

We also offer institutional catering services for organisations such as schools, charities, non-profit organisations and more. Whether you are hiring our service for your events or booking for a whole programme duration, we are here to help you provide nutritious and delectable meals for your stakeholders. 


Canteen Catering Services

Doesn’t have enough space to open up a kitchen inside your company? No worries! We are offering canteen catering services as an alternative to our pantry management. It is ideal for small businesses that aim to offer lunch meals for their team but is currently lacking the inhouse resources to make it possible. We will prepare your team’s lunch in our facility, pack them up and deliver it to you on time, everyday!

End-to-End Service Provider

Staff Cafeteria Management and Dining Hall Services

There are different ways we can go about in managing your staff cafeteria as follows:


On-Site Cooking:

Provided on-site by our team of experienced and qualified Chefs, Operation Managers and Service Crew. You will be pleased to know that your food will be served piping hot from the on-site kitchen.


Off-Site Cooking:

Food will be cooked and delivered from our central kitchen and served by well-trained staff on-site so you can truly enjoy good food with good service.


Packed Meals:

Packed meals service can be provided by our sister brands Stamford Catering and Taste Asia.

Cantee Food Counter Staff with Customer
Staff Cafeteria Management and Dining Hall Services
Wine glass and food on table

Consultancy Services

With almost 20 years of experience managing institutional catering, we can provide consultancy services covering the following areas:

  • Kitchen and Staff Cafeteria Management

  • Equipment Sourcing

  • Provision and Execution of Design Themes and Layouts for Staff Cafeteria

  • Assistance in Licensing Applications with Government Authorities


Our highly experienced team will be able to guide you through this complicated process so you will be able to run your Staff Cafeteria smoothly.

Consultancy Services

Value-added Services

For an enhanced dining experience, we can also provide the following:

  • Themed food fares and specialty live stations to showcase various world cuisines

  • Buffet and tea-break catering refreshments for functions and events

  • Pantry management

  • Vending services management

Chef preparing food
Value-added Services
Service girl holding onto a ipad in a cafe

Pantry Management

Full-service Pantry Solution

We can manage the entire pantry service – from designing of the pantry aesthetics, planning of the snacks and beverage selection, ordering and receiving of the consumables, managing the inventory and reporting of the monthly spend.


Wide Range of Suppliers

We work with various suppliers to provide a wide range of food and beverage items for clients to choose from. We are flexible and will try to meet the needs and requests of our clients; our extensive network allows us to continuously expand the shopping list of items.

Pantry Management Service
Professional Chef Team in Kitchen Cooking from Pro*3 Institutional Catering

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