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Canteen Catering Services

Staff cafeteria is as much a heart to a workplace as a kitchen is to our own homes. In a workplace where you get to work both your mind and body through an 8-hour shift, right food is essential to refuel yourself and stay productive. This is why canteen catering services are so important. This type of catering service will allow you the peace of mind that the funds you allotted for your employees’ meals are being used efficiently and resourcefully. Expert canteen catering services providers can plan the daily meals for your team as well as the kitchen and pantry operations. Not only will it give your employees the nutritional requirement suitable for them. It will also save you from excess expenditures like gas supply, electricity and manpower. 

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Our Expertise

Pro*3 Catering offers expert canteen catering services for various institutions in Singapore. We have extensive experience delivering this kind of service to educational institutions, hospitals and healthcare facilities, corporate offices, government agencies and more. Our team delivers impeccable canteen catering services to match various dietary requirements. We are also known for tailoring our services to meet the demands of our clients. Whether it is a fixed budget or a special dietary consideration for your team, we will accommodate your customisation requests as much as we can. Discover more about our canteen catering services below.

All-around Canteen Catering Services

We aspire to be an end-to-end service provider for you and your employees. We can provide a variety of services, from the management of staff cafeteria to food and beverage procurement, general maintenance, pest control, cleanliness of the canteen, and etc. We even have a dedicated marketing team to organise special events for your employees. As part of our Mission, we serve our partners with a WOW and with our Heart.

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Consultancy Services

Since 2000, we have been in charge of running workers' cafeterias in Singapore. Pro* 3 Catering is a one-stop F&B provider for staff canteens. We serve buffet catering and staff lunches to our clients. In order to improve the canteen catering services we provide, new culinary concepts and activities are frequently added as part of our services.


We have approximately 20 years of expertise providing canteen catering services, and throughout that time we have offered top-notch and comprehensive support to hospitals, schools, offices, and governmental organisations' kitchens and pantries. To help you operate your office cafeteria efficiently and affordably, our highly skilled team will walk you through the challenging canteen management and dining services procedure. We are able to handle all aspects of the staff canteen catering services, including creating the pantry's aesthetics, selecting the selection of snacks and drinks, purchasing and receiving commodities, maintaining inventory, and reporting monthly spending.

Professional Chef Team in Kitchen Cooking from Pro*3 Institutional Catering

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