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Pantry Management Services

Pro*3 Institutional Catering provides corporate pantry services that are personally crafted to suit your workplace’s requirements. We understand that no two companies are the same when it comes to dietary requirements of their people. The nature of work, number of employees, cultural and religious beliefs of each employee, and the allocated budget are factors that contribute to the office pantry requirements for an organisation or a corporate office. Hence, we strive to make our office pantry services as customisable as possible to meet the clients’ requirements.

Man scooping vegetable from a catering spread buffet

We Focus on What Truly Matters

What should matter when preparing meals or, in our position, as an office pantry services provider? This question is easy to answer for parents who are cooking everyday for their families. Prioritising nutrition, improving the food presentation to look more appetising and considering the preferences of every member of the family. Our corporate pantry services work the same way. We deliver the kind of office pantry service our clients will appreciate.

End-to-End Service Provider

We Handle Everything

The thing about having an in-house cafeteria team is that you will most likely do the administrative work such as budgeting, finding suppliers, quality checking and more. That is not the case when you hire our corporate pantry services. Our office pantry services cover every aspect of office pantry management from planning to evaluation.

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Staff Cafeteria Management and Dining Hall Services
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How Many Suppliers We Work With

We keep a network of trusted and reliable suppliers for our office pantry services. This is to ensure the smooth and continuous flow of supplies for the office pantries such as snacks and drinks. The last thing we want as a corporate pantry service provider is to run out of your employees’ favourite snacks and drinks during their tea break.

Consultancy Services
Professional Chef Team in Kitchen Cooking from Pro*3 Institutional Catering

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