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Why You Should Hire An Industrial Catering Service

Updated: Nov 2, 2022

Why You Should Hire An Industrial Catering Service

Employee happiness is becoming a priority for many businesses. Why? Well, that is because your organisation thrives when your employees are happy! However, improving staff morale does not mean you need to spend a huge amount of time and money on corporate gifts and retreats for your employees. Sometimes, making your staff happy can be as simple as ensuring they have access to nutritious, well-balanced meals.

The good news is that you do not have to be a global conglomerate to provide free meals for your staff. There are plenty of institutional caterers in Singapore that offer a comprehensive selection of meals at an affordable rate. And happy employees are not the only advantage. Read on to learn how your company can benefit from hiring an industrial catering service.

Benefit #1: Improve staff connection and morale

Improve staff connection and morale industrial catering services

Bonding becomes a challenge when everyone is hyper-focused on their tasks during working hours. Lunch break is perhaps the only time your staff has the opportunity to mingle. But it can be tough to coordinate a team lunch when everyone has their own lunch plans and preferences.

Engaging an industrial catering service to serve free meals can incentivise your employees to eat together at a communal dining area in the office. This helps facilitate team building and conversation between colleagues who might otherwise never interact outside of work, thereby fostering stronger connections between staff and improving team morale.

Benefit #2: Convenience

Is your workplace located in a remote location with few food establishments in the surrounding areas? In that case, accessing a range of food and drink options during lunchtime becomes a hassle. You and your employees may have to walk a fair distance to the nearest food centre or go for food delivery services.

Fortunately, this is a non-concern when you hire an industrial catering service. You can choose to create an on-site catering solution tailored for your business or opt for the food to be cooked and delivered from a central kitchen to your office. Either way, you are providing your staff with convenience on their lunch break.

Benefit #3: Promote healthy eating habits

Promote healthy eating habits industrial catering services

Working with an industrial catering service to provide your staff with healthy, nutritious meals can be beneficial for you and your employees. A well-balanced diet promotes good health. As a result, your employees are likely to take fewer sick days and be more productive.

Additionally, these healthy meals can help raise awareness for healthy eating and convince your staff to adopt better eating habits. This way, they make fewer poor food choices, which helps improve their weight and overall health.

Benefit #4: Improve productivity

If you have ever travelled to a busy area for lunch, you will understand how challenging it is to secure a dining table. Not to mention the long queues when ordering food. Now, imagine you and your employees experiencing this daily. It will undoubtedly eat into everyone’s working hours.

So why not nip this problem in the bud by hiring an industrial catering service to cater lunch for your staff? You can also offer a communal dining area for employees to have lunch together. This way, you ensure that your employees are not wasting their precious time waiting in line for their food.

Moreover, having the opportunity to unwind and speak to each other during lunch can help your staff take their mind off work. Afterwards, they will feel recharged to tackle the tasks ahead of them.

Benefit #5: Added incentives for employees

Added incentives for employees industrial catering services

Finding and retaining the right talents for your company is a herculean endeavour, considering the competitive landscape. Apart from the salary package, company perks can also be an enticing factor in attracting talents. Offering free meals to your employees is one way to stand out from the crowd and snare the best individuals!

There are numerous benefits to hiring an industrial catering service to provide daily meals for your staff. It is also an excellent way to demonstrate that you value and appreciate your employees. However, before you get started, you should be stringent in selecting your ideal caterer to make sure that all your business needs are addressed.

At Pro*3 Institutional Catering, we are one of the leading institutional caterers in Singapore. With almost 20 years of experience in the industry, our team can ensure the smooth operation of your staff cafeteria and that every employee receives a well-balanced, nutritious meal catered to their dietary preferences. Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our services.

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