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Institutional Catering: Do's And Don'ts When Engaging A Caterer

Institutional Catering: Do's And Don'ts When Engaging A Caterer

Whether you’re looking for an institutional caterer to feed students and educators in a school, healthcare personnel in a medical facility, or the elderly in an old folks’ home, working with a reliable catering company is key to providing them with the best food and dining experience. In this article, we share with you some important do’s and don’ts to keep in mind when hiring a caterer for your institution to help you ensure everyone’s wellbeing and enjoy a seamless catering process.

Do: Learn About Your Stakeholders

Every person is built differently, each with their own dietary needs and preferences. Thus, when catering food for your institution, it is important to have a clear understanding of what your institution can or cannot eat in order to provide suitable food for them. Take the time to gather information about the people you’re feeding, including their cultural backgrounds, any specific allergies, or dietary preferences. For example, are they vegetarian, do they require halal food options, or are they lactose-intolerant? This allows you and your caterer to plan daily menus accordingly, supplying food options that cater to a diverse range of needs.

Do: Hire A Reliable Caterer

When working with an institutional catering company, the meals of all your stakeholders lie in the hands of the caterer. You’ll want to make sure that the vendor you’ve engaged is able to provide quality food services, such as high-quality and good-tasting food, timely deliveries, an efficient service, and attention to detail. Always opt for one with a solid reputation, experience handling similar catering quantities, and positive client testimonials. You may also wish to learn more about their catering process, research their track record, and look at sample menus to assess their capabilities in meeting all your needs.

Do: Check the Food Preparation Procedure

Check the Food Preparation Procedure-Institutional Catering

Providing safe and clean food within your institution is crucial as contaminated foods can cause stomach upset and even severe conditions in some people. Before deciding which caterer to hire, inquire about their food preparation procedures and ensure that they comply with local health and safety regulations, as well as proper food handling and storage practices. Additionally, if possible, verify that ingredients are sourced from reputable suppliers, and find out more about their certifications and/or training that they go through to ensure that food is prepared and served safely.

Don’t: Try To Do Everything Yourself

A common mistake many institutions make when catering food for their stakeholders is trying to handle everything themselves. While it is important to be in the know and be involved in the planning process, doing everything independently can be inefficient. Hence, we recommend delegating some responsibilities to your professional caterer so that you can focus on other critical aspects of your business. The caterer will possess the necessary resources, expertise, and staff to handle the catering logistics efficiently, helping to ensure that your event runs smoothly.

Don't: Ignore the Nutritional Value of Food

Lastly, pay attention to the types of food you’re serving. Regardless of who you’re catering food for, offering healthy and balanced meals is always important. Make sure to prioritise the nutritional value of the food served in your premises so that everyone can delight their taste buds and stay healthy with wholesome food.

Do discuss your requirements with the institutional caterer and emphasise the importance of incorporating nutritious options into your menu. A caterer who cares will provide a variety of healthy options to the best of their abilities, offering different menus that align with dietary requirements.

Additionally, ensure that your daily menu features a balance of flavours, textures, and presentation styles to create an enjoyable dining experience for the people present.

Ignore the Nutritional Value of Food-Institutional Catering

Engaging an institutional caterer requires careful planning and consideration. By following the do's and don'ts outlined above, you can ensure a successful catering experience that leaves a lasting impression.

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