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5 Factors To Consider When Selecting An Institutional Caterer

Canteen catering services Singapore

Food is a critical aspect of our lives. They provide us with the energy to go about our daily tasks. And as an employer, you would naturally want your staff to have a nutritious meal to ensure they stay healthy and productive.

However, you never know what your employees consume during their lunch breaks. If the hygiene standards of the food establishment do not meet the satisfactory requirements, your workers may even suffer from food poisoning.

What if there is a way for you to ensure your employees receive healthy, delicious meals that comply with the highest hygiene standards? The answer lies in institutional catering! In fact, numerous businesses have considered such catering services due to the multiple benefits they bring.

But given the broad selection of institutional caterers available in Singapore, how do you choose your ideal service provider? Fortunately, we are here to help! Let us share the factors you should consider during your search to aid you in selecting the right institutional caterer for your business.

Factor #1: What is your budget?

Calculate budget for institutional caterer

No business works without a budget. As you begin your search for your ideal institutional caterer, you will already have a clear idea of how much you are willing to spend. This helps speed up the selection process since you do not want to waste time negotiating with service providers that are out of your budget.

Thankfully, many caterers list their prices on their websites clearly, making it much easier to find one that matches your budget. If you are looking for a custom menu, you may have to call the caterer separately to enquire if they provide this service and its cost.

A reliable institutional caterer will be transparent with its pricing policy and provide a detailed breakdown of every expense. This way, you would not be surprised by any hidden charge during payment time. So if a caterer cannot provide a clear explanation of their fees, you should consider other alternatives.

Factor #2: Does your staff have any dietary restrictions?

Singapore is a multicultural society. As a result, you will likely have employees from diverse demographics with various dietary restrictions. Some of them might be vegetarians, while others are Muslim. Therefore, you must ensure your chosen institutional caterer provides vegetarian and Halal food options so that no worker is left out.

Factor #3: Can you choose from a wide selection of menus?

Pro3 Catering Food menu

Everyone gets tired of eating the same thing regularly. If your caterer is constantly offering the same few dishes, many of your employees would likely choose to skip the provided meal and eat at the other food establishments available in the area. Since the meals are prepared based on an estimated headcount, this leads to food wastage, which is a waste of money and has a negative impact on the environment.

Factor #4: Does the caterer have the necessary health and safety certifications?

We cannot stress the importance of hiring an institutional caterer with strict hygiene standards. Poor hygiene and safety standards often contribute to food poisoning. If an outbreak of foodborne illness were to occur at your workplace, it will endanger your employees’ well-being and impact productivity. Therefore, you should only hire a caterer with the required health and safety certifications.

Factor #5: Does the caterer have a stellar reputation?

Researching on institutional caterer services

Good and bad caterers will have a reputation that precedes them. You may find that doing some research can help you narrow your shortlist significantly. Checking online reviews from other customers can provide you with first-hand experience of the institutional caterer’s service standard and food quality. You can also consider contacting the service provider to clarify any doubts you have and to check whether they have sufficient catering experience under their belt.

Many of us do not just eat to live but also live to eat! Therefore, you will want to ensure your employees receive a diverse selection of warm and nutritious meals prepared according to the strictest of health and safety standards so that they stay healthy and satisfied, thereby translating to increased productivity. A reliable institutional caterer can help you achieve this goal! So keep what we shared in mind as you begin your search for your ideal caterer today.

At Pro*3 Institutional Catering, our team possesses decades of experience providing canteen catering services to numerous companies from various industries. When you hire us, you can rest assured that you will receive quality and nutritious meals prepared to the highest standards. Do not hesitate to contact us today to learn more about our diverse menus.


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