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How To Effectively Organise Your Office Pantry

How To Effectively Organise Your Office Pantry

There’s something amazing about food and how it brings people together. At home, families bond over dinner, and in the workplace, employees build stronger connections when they eat together in the pantry. A clean and well-stocked pantry can help to encourage such positive interactions between employees, boosting morale, fostering an optimistic work culture, and encouraging healthy eating habits. However, keeping your office pantry organised isn’t the easiest, especially if you have a large team to look after or a small space that limits you. Here are some practical tips and tricks on how to overcome the limitations to effectively manage your pantry, as well as how office pantry services can be of help.

1. Designate Zones for Everything

Allocating every item you have in the pantry to a specific zone is a great way to effectively organise your pantry, making it easy for your employees to find what they need, and for them to return the things back to their original spot.

Start by grouping similar items together according to a category. For example, beverages, snacks, and utensils. This gives you a clear idea of what items you have and how much space you’ll need for each of them. It’ll also make it easier for you to see which items require restocking so you don’t have to scramble around your pantry to do stock taking. Then, you can begin to arrange each item into their designated cabinet or drawer.

2. Organise Items in Proper Storage Solutions

Organise Items in Proper Storage Solutions-pantry management service

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Instead of leaving things out in the open, storing items in proper storage containers can help to ensure tidiness while making sure that it’s easy to find what you need when you need them. Snacks can be arranged according to brand and flavour in cabinet organisers and neatly lined up on shelves, sauces can be placed on lazy susan racks and stored away in a cabinet, utensils can be stacked up neatly in containers and kept away in a drawer, and packet drinks can be stored in the refrigerator in neat rows.

3. Implement Rules to Follow

No matter how clean and tidy you’ve kept your office pantry, it can become cluttered and messy again if employees don’t do their part in maintaining it.

But, how one person uses and cleans up the pantry may not be the same as another. In order to prevent disputes and to ensure that the office pantry is always maintained to the company’s standard, businesses should implement rules and regulations to follow. Here’s what you can put in place:

  • Always clean up after yourself: Employees should be responsible for cleaning up their own messes, including washing their own dishes, wiping down surfaces they’ve used, and disposing of their own trash properly.

  • Don’t leave food or drinks out in the open: This can attract pests and insects and make it tougher for the pantry to be kept sanitary. It may even make the pantry an unconducive space for meals. Food and drinks should be stored in designated areas, such as airtight containers and in the refrigerator, or be disposed of in the right bin.

  • Don’t leave consumables in the pantry for too long: To prevent food wastage and clutter, employees should aim to consume all their food before buying more. This is to prevent food and drinks from accumulating and taking up precious storage space, as well as to prevent rotten food from being stored in the pantry.

4. Only Restock When Necessary

Apart from expecting employees to do their part in keeping the pantry clean, companies must also learn how to manage their pantry by only stocking up on food and drinks when necessary.

Ordering supplies on a set schedule could lead to excess inventory, causing clutter in the pantry. Restocking the pantry only when things have run out can help businesses save money by avoiding unnecessary purchases. The fewer items stored in the office pantry also makes it easier to keep the space tidy and hygienic.

5. Hire a Pantry Management Service

Hire a Pantry Management Service

A pantry management service oversees every aspect of maintaining a pantry to help free up manpower resources. From keeping your office pantry clean to ensuring that stocks are replenished, this service ensures that the pantry is conducive for employees to take breaks and have their meals in. Companies can save time and focus on their core business operations as the service provider takes care of everything to keep the pantry well-stocked and organised.

Struggling to keep your office pantry in tip top condition? Pro*3 Institutional Catering offers corporate pantry services to help you provide your employees with a clean and neat pantry. Contact us today to find out more about our pantry management services.

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