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4 Reasons To Set Up A Staff Cafeteria

Updated: May 16, 2023

4 Reasons To Set Up A Staff Cafeteria

Lunch hour crowds are stressful and can cause a lot of trouble for some employees, even affecting their mood and the way they work in the afternoon. Businesses can help alleviate this emotional strain by engaging staff catering services to set up a cafeteria for their employees.

Having an office canteen may sound like a hefty investment and a waste of resources, but there are ways to keep within a budget and it can be very beneficial to companies. Whether you’re the owner of a Small-Medium Enterprise or an executive in charge of employee welfare, you should consider providing your staff with a cafeteria. Here’s why.

1. Increase Productivity

Whenever employees are hungry, whether in the morning, at lunch or in the mid-afternoon, they will most likely leave the office to grab something to eat. A lot of time is wasted travelling rather than working. Even if employees bring their own lunch to work, reheating food may take some time as well.

Businesses can keep their employees in the office as much as possible by providing a staff cafeteria, allowing them to spend their time being productive and working on more important tasks. Furthermore, being hungry is very distracting and can take one’s focus away from work. So, by ensuring that your employees are well fed, you assist them in remaining more focused at work.

2. Employee Benefit

Every business will have to provide some form of benefit to their employees in order to attract talent, retain them, and reward their hard work. No matter how many benefits your company offers to its employees, a staff cafeteria is an excellent addition to the list. Employees will appreciate that the company is concerned enough about their wellbeing to provide food on the premises. If you’re concerned about incurring more costs or not being able to provide high-quality food, canteen catering services can be extremely helpful. They help with the management and operation of your staff cafeteria to ensure that your employees have the best possible experience. You can even choose to offer meals at heavily discounted prices rather than free food. It would still be regarded as a reasonable employee benefit.

3. Improve Company Culture

Improve Company Culture-Food Services

Company culture refers to a company’s and its employees’ attitudes, core values, traditions, and beliefs. An ideal company culture prioritises its employees and customers, as well as hears and values each individual’s opinions. Building a positive culture is not easy, especially when each employee is different. In order to encourage them to form closer bonds and create a more positive work environment, businesses can establish staff cafeterias to bring employees together. The canteen brings employees together in one location where they can socialise, get to know one another, and engage with people from various backgrounds. Positive interactions also contribute to increased job satisfaction and employee retention.

4. Encourage Healthy Living

In a staff cafeteria, you have control over the food that is served to your employees. You can opt for healthier choices to encourage them to adopt healthier eating habits. Staff who have access to more nutritional options are more likely to make good food choices, which improves their health and lowers their risk of illness. This means that your employees will have more energy to stay productive, take less sick leaves, and be more present at work.

Encourage Healthy Living-Canteen Catering Services

There are numerous advantages to having a cafeteria in your office. Not only does it provide employees with a place to relax and take a break from work, but it also promotes positive interactions, provides networking opportunities, boosts employee morale, and improves the work environment.

If you’re considering setting up a staff cafeteria, Pro*3 Institutional Catering is a one-stop food services provider that delivers end-to-end canteen catering services to assist your company in managing and operating your canteen. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

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